Bonobo Language Skills Bonobo Language Skills
12/12/2010 - From sermon "Living On A Latte And A Prayer". Check out this fairly mind blowing research going on in Des Moines, Iowa, blurring the lines between humans and animals.

CNN Video Clip
I Fought For You I Fought For You
11/11/2010 - A message from veterans of our armed forces.

The Hidden God The Hidden God
04/18/2010 - The story of Esther shows us how to have faith in God even when it looks like he's not there. Intern Brian Camara preaching.

Oscar Sunday Oscar Sunday
03/07/2010 - Oscar Sunday service.

Lighting A Candle To See If The Sun Has Risen Lighting A Candle To See If The Sun Has Risen
04/04/2010 - As far as Easter goes, "getting it" means believing that Jesus rose from the dead and grappling with what that means for you and for the world and that is more than eggs, chocolate and bunnies... Itís not about the bunny. The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ is an essential belief for people who call themselves Christians.
Public Service Announcement Public Service Announcement
06/01/2008 - An important Public Service Announcement about a serious problem at WestPres. Created by Mike Cahill.

Memorial Day Memorial Day 2008
05/25/2008 - Memorial Day Service, with readings and a slide presentation.

Meaningless Oscars Meaningless Oscars
02/24/2008 - Oscar Sunday Sermon

Ross Blocher - Evolution and Christian Faith Evolution and Christian Faith
02/11/2007 - Ross Blocher presents the case why Christians should embrace evolutionary theory.

Part 1
Part 2

A Muppet Christmas Carol A Muppet Christmas Carol
12/24/2007 - A video clip to accompany the sermon "Boy What A Day". © Jim Henson Productions.

The Money Pit The Money Pit
12/02/2007 - A video clip to accompany the sermon "That's the God I Know". © Universal Pictures.

A Gideon Revival A Gideon Revival
09/23/2007 - Second service sermon by Pastor Paul.

Parenthood Parenthood
06/17/2007 - A video clip to accompany the sermon "Who's Your Daddy?"
© Universal Pictures.

Memorial Day Memorial Day 2007
05/27/2007 - The slide presentation that went with the Memorial Day Service, with narration.

Prince of Egypt When You Believe
05/27/2007 - A video clip to accompany the sermon "Babel Reversed."
DreamWorks SKG.

Abby Normal Abby Normal
02/04/2007 - A video clip to accompany the sermon "Abby Normal."
20th Century Fox.

Fast and Furious Fast And Furious
01/21/2007 - A video clip to accompany the sermon "Sufferin' Succotash."
Warner Brothers.

Free Hugs Free Hugs Campaign
10/29/2006 - Sometimes, a hug is
all we need. Free hugs is a real life controversial story of Juan Mann, A man whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives.

See the video on YouTube
The Flamingo Trilogy The Flamingo Trilogy
See the flamingo trilogy on YouTube.

They Came From the Zoo
They Know Where You Live

WestPres Goes to the Movies
03/05/2006 - The answers to all of life's questions can be found in the movies.  Here they are, in WestPres style.

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10th Anniversary Celebration
02/05/2006 - Westminster celebrates 10 years with the Clairvilles.  Special appearance by the ice cream man.

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